Now that you have successfully sold your home, you have to prepare for the big day – moving day! Below are some tips and reminders to help make your day as smooth as possible:

  • Notify the post office, doctors, schools (click here for a full moving out check-list)
  • Verify that utilities are turned off or disabled (telephone, cable, internet, hydro, etc.)
  • Read all meters
  • Be sure to leave behind all chattels and fixtures included in the agreement of purchase and sale
  • Carry all important items with you (jewelry, medicine, papers, etc.), including items that will be needed upon arrival at your new home (light bulbs, tools, toilet paper, facial tissue, cleaning supplies, snacks, beverages)
  • Leave your home as tidy as possible for the new owners
  • Double check to ensure that you have everything
  • Turn off lights, close windows and lock the doors
  • Leave the keys with the lawyer