Why choose Royal LePage?

  • Royal LePage has been offering full real estate services of the highest standard since 1913. A. E. LePage founded his company on impeccable professionalism, principled conduct and the highest moral and ethical standards. These remain the pillars of Royal LePage service.
  • Royal LePage is Canada’s fastest growing real estate franchisor with over 10,000 sales representatives and staff in more than 550 offices from coast-to-coast.
  • Royal LePage Sales Representatives are the best in the business, our products and services are beyond compare, and our company is committed to delivering results.
  • Recognized as a North American industry leader in technology, the award-winning Royal LePage website (www.royallepage.ca) receives more than 80 million hits from potential buyers, their Sales Representatives and other interested individuals, far surpassing the activity of any of its competitors’ sites.
  • Royal LePage has the largest listing inventory of any real estate company in Canada.
  • Royal LePage is 100% Canadian, owned solely by Canadians.
  • Royal LePage is the most recognized real estate company in Canada.
  • The Royal LePage Relocation Service is the largest relocation company and is exclusively contracted to assist Canadian & American governments and corporations with the transfer & relocation of their executive employees; clients include: Government of Canada, Department of National Defence, RCMP, Petro Canada, and General Motors among others; this is significant as temporary relocations account for 1 in 5 moves.

Why use a sales representative?

  • Employing the services of a Sales Rep ensures that you will sell your home for the highest dollar and in the shortest period of time with the least stress and aggravation.
  • Sales Representatives are highly skilled individuals who must complete an extensive training program designed and administered by the Ontario Real Estate Association to receive a license. Following the numerous classroom courses, a 2-year ‘articling’ process further refines the Sales Rep’s knowledge of the housing transaction.
  • Sales Representatives have a comprehensive knowledge of the local housing market which allows them to assess properties using the comparative market approach to determine a fair and workable selling price.
  • With their in-depth knowledge of what Buyers are looking for, Sales Representatives can recommended to Sellers valuable steps and tips which can increase a property’s appeal to Buyers.
  • Sales Reps develop an overall marketing strategy for your property that will expose your home to a maximum number of Buyers, targeting those Buyers who are specifically qualified for homes in your price range and have particular interest in your home’s specific features.
  • Sales Reps advertise regularly in newspapers and real estate publications as well as through the Multiple Listing Service – all at their own expense.
  • Sales Reps pre-screen Buyers to ensure that only qualified Buyers view your home, separating the ‘lookers’ and ‘dreamers’ from the ‘buyers’ before appointments are scheduled.
  • Once a suitable and motivated Buyer is found, the negotiation process begins. The Sales Rep advises his/her client of rights, options and obligations in the transaction. A Seller without a professional representing him/her in the negotiation stage is seriously disadvantaged. The Sales Rep, acting as your negotiator, ensures that clear, objective decisions are made.
  • Sales Reps and their Brokers attend to the ensuing legal contracts and financial arrangements that follow upon the heels of successful transaction negotiation – so you don’t have to.

Who is the ideal sales representative?

The ideal sales representative will have a good working knowledge of local real estate market conditions and will be prepared to deliver a high quality of service. Ideally, they will have the support of a large real estate company. Ultimately, the ideal sales representative will save you time and money.

How do I select a Realtor and sales representative?

When selecting a Realtor and sales representative remember:

  • Select a Realtor based on criteria specific to the company
  • Select a sales representative based on the competence of the person/team and the services provided
  • Never base your choice on price; local market conditions control sale prices, not the sales representatives
  • Sales representatives have no control over the market; only the marketing plan
  • It is wise to select a Realtor and sales representative first and then discuss price
  • Do not encourage sales representatives to “bid up” the price to get your listing
  • True professionals will give you candid feedback and factual information so that you can price your home within the market